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Toppy danger! A cautionary tale....

Post by rosso »

(Rather forgotten how to use this forum so may be in wrong subject - sorry.) Found out so copied here from MyStuff.

I have just received back two of my old unusable Toppies repaired/refurbished by Toppy guru Andy Fraser so they were in perfect shape.

Let me say at the start that the 2nd one is working just fine but the other went haywire, I think due to the use of my new Logik TV.
I'm wondering if this is a known issue or what others think about it.

If my analysis is correct then I wish to warn others.

As the remote keys were doing absurd things or not doing anything at all (the Text key turned off the TV, Menu gave Favourites, Right key changed channels up but impossible to change down, etc., etc.) I saw that the Toppy remote was activating some functions of the TV.

It seems this somehow caused the Toppy to malfunction - any ideas?

What I should have done perhaps if I had known was to use the Toppy remote on my TV first to see if there was any response.

Luckily I still have my old TV which I used when I was a Toppy user (2 years ago?) so connecting that the damage was still there.

Now setting up the other Toppy with the old TV it is working OK.

I'd be interested in comments.

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Post by juwlz »

Duplicate of ... 295#271295 (where the discussion has been happening).

This post may as well be closed to avoid confusion.
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