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I doubt anyone is even reading this, let alone still using Toppy5000K However, if you don't ask... :?

I am still holding on to my beloved Toppy5k, mainly because I love TED/S However, I just got a new computer, which is Win7Pro 64bit. TED is not very happy on it, but it is sort of working.

However I developed a problem with JustEPG (16.3c) and I don't understand how any of this works to be able to understand why I am having this problem.

It was working fine, then all of the sudden, when I pressed the UHF button (which is what I've set to open it) a greyed out version of the A/V output setting opened. On checking on the menu, discovered that the setting for the EPG button had changed, but when I changed it back to UHF the problem remained.

So, I fired up the IceBox and checked the ini file. Discovered that everything changed on it not just the EPG button.

Couldn't understand what caused that, but, as I had a previously saved version, I just uploaded that to the IceBox, to replace the one that was all wrong.

Rebooted the Toppy, JustEPG opened again with the UHF button, but all the info disappeared, except for Channel 7.

I didn't know what to do next, so started fiddling with the menu on screen. Went into the Location Configuration Menu and it showed:

Victoria (Melbourne)
Enable Page 2: Yes
Page 2 HD or SD:SD
TEDS naming: Yes
Update Location Settings...

Although it all seemed correct, I run update location settings, simply because I didn't know what else I could do.

At first glance, I thought it was all fixed, but then discovered that the second page was completely wrong. It had a repeat of ABC, and ABC3(LCN 23) and ONE(LCN12) which was not what I put there. It did have SBS TWO and 7TWO and GO, which I did want.

So, I looked at the ini file again and it had changed again!

If I again change it for the correct one, it again, shows only Channel 7 (on the bottom left field of the first page, FWIW) with all other fields blank, and the only way I can populate them is by updating the location settings, but that changes the ini file again

I am hoping that someone will read this that understand TAPs more than I do, so can tell me what's causing this and how to fix it - it just makes no sense to me, but then again I am not really that computer savvy, I never did understand how to set up JustEPG (or EPG_Downloader for that matter) I just managed to get them right by trial and error (and lots of help from the original Toppy Forum) and then just backed up all the ini files, so that I can just copy them, should something go wrong :? :oops:

So, I can stare at the ini file for hours, still have no idea what is wrong with it. I would be happy to upload a copy of it here, but there is no point of doing that unless someone puts up their hand to volunteer to help :wink:

Edit: I just noticed something. Having clean installed TED, seems it installed EPG_Uploader 3.23, whereas I used to use 3.26beta6 (I just noticed by reading my sig)
Cheers Judy
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