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Yup, if SD dies, a 5810 is no more use to you than a 5800. See Should I buy a Toppy?

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Thanks folks, I thought the 5810 was an HD Freeview tuner (I must have been thinking of the HDMI detail and presumed it was an HD Freeview box), oops. The search will continue then!

I thought it was 2017... will check now... hehe well the first result from a google search for https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=freev ... gws_rd=ssl returns Nigel's blog entry:

http://gonedigital.net/2015/10/05/when- ... p-working/
My recent post on the new rules for Freeview has prompted some questions about how much longer people will be able to carry on using their first generation Freeview kit. To recap, from January 2017 all Freeview kit that?s sold will have to support HD.
Again another misunderstanding, I think I must have had that date in mind for when SD was ending rather than being the date that all freeview kit must support HD.
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Post by alan_m »

munk wrote:Will the 5810 be immune to the changes to broadcasting in 2017 (the death of Freeview SD?) that will render the 5800 obsolete?
No, The 5800 and 5810 has only SD tuners (T tuners). What is starting to happen already is SD channels are appearing on HD MUXs which require HD decoding and (T2) tuners. The reason for the change is that you can get more SD channels on a MUX transmitting with HD encoding. The government want to sell more of the spectrum formerly allocated for TV to the mobile phone network and therefore fewer channels available for TV transmission hence the change in encoding allowing more SD chaneels in each MUX.

SD will not die - its just that the channels will encoded differently and which 5800/5810 cannot decode. If replacing any box or TV these days you need to go for one that has true HD tuners and the appropriate decoding.

And then there is the question of 4K TV :(
But on the other hand though it would be nice to have more up to date functionality in an STB (specifically IP network connectivity, but also extra computing power and scalability for things like IPTV / streaming etc)
This is where it may be more difficult to future proof for more than a year or two. For UK catch up TV the broadcasters have a somewhat appalling record of changing things soon after a box/TV is put on the market.

With the Enimga2 (Miraclebox et all) boxes being discussed as an possible alternative they are capable of running additional software applications but it is recommended that these boxes should not be considered as all singing all dancing media players. Use them as a good TV receiver and buy something such as a £30 usb dongle attached to your TV for IP content.
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