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New technical support number

Post by nwhitfield »

Topfield UK has a new number for technical support: 08712 003 191.

Calls to this number cost 10 pence per minute from a BT landline. Calls from other networks may vary, and from mobiles will probably cost considerably more.
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Post by thesaint »

Or saynoto0870 to find alternative
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Post by PdV »

01795 429666

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New technical support number

Post by JohnMF »

Turbosat now seem to answer 01795 429666 very guardedly (and anonymously) and will NOT put you through to Technical Support. So you're stuck with paying a toll call. Has anyone any better experiences?
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Post by Sponge34 »

Anyone got a way of getting Tech Support for toppy stuff now? I rang Turbosat on 08712003191 and hit a recorded message saying "This office is now closed, please refer to for further details" referring to just got me back to the now defunct Turbosat number.... typically 1 month before the two year warranty is up the PSU/HDD has died on my TF5800 :(

UPDATE: It seems I must have caught the phone system on a bad day! Sent dead Toppy back which got to TurboSAT on Monday 14th, it is now (16th Feb) back with me, fully working. Hats off to Turbosat.

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