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Geoff Bacon
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Not all script references https

Post by Geoff Bacon »

Hi Nigel.

Just noticed that my chrome browser has a marker next to the star at the right edge of the URL bar. (url = ... d=newposts )
Hovering the mouse over the marker displays "This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources"

Adding to this "Site News and feedback" forum displays "Not secure|" with the https: crossed out.

It all appears to be working but a bit disconcerting (and don't know if I'm supposed to click the marker to make it work)

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Post by nwhitfield »

This is probably because I didn't edit any of the site scripts beyond the bare minimum necessary, on account of life just being too short. And instead, the server automatically redirects everything to https anyway.

So, you might see the odd warning, but it should all be delivered over a secure connection.

If Chrome starts to be a real pain about this, then I'll have to go through all the scripts and templates at some stage. Which will be a pretty tedious task
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Post by TopTapper »

Hi Nigel

There's potentially an easy win to remove security warnings/blocked content...
firefox wrote:Blocked loading mixed active content ""[Learn More] viewtopic.php
Blocked loading mixed active content ""[Learn More] tab.js:1042:10
The first is from viewtopic.php, line 187 (here):

Code: Select all

@import url(;
... and might well sort the second.
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