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Geoff Bacon wrote:... the free memory (as shown at bottom of MS archive screen) is over 4 GB

Bit optimistic for the old Toppy generation hardware!
Geoff Bacon
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You are right, it should be over 4 Mb (mine is around 9)

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qubits wrote:Hi Stu's TV,

PM received!

Unfortunately I have never tried using Antares on Windows 10, so I might not be very helpful in diagnosing your problems, at least not at the moment.

I've spent the last few years in the USA for work, away from my Toppy. I just recently got back to Australia, so I now finally have access to it again. And, my computer is now running Windows 10.

So... it might be a good time for me to think about how to make Antares and z4t run more smoothly on Windows 10. Although, I have forgotten everything about the internal workings of Antares, so it might be a few weeks or months before I make progress on this!
That'd be fantastic qubits, I'll keep checking in here to see if you have wrestled Win 10 into submission!
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Re: Win10 anniversary update - driver signing enforcement

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Not surprisingly, the latest major win10 update -- 1709 "Fall Creators Update", here -- showed exactly the same behaviour: Toppy-PC connectivity lost (fix: reboot with driver-signing-enforcement disabled, reinstall driver with z4t).

The Device Manager driver history suggests there's a chance that the driver might have kept working if the toppy had been connected at the time of the update (that's not generally recommended but maybe Ok in this case).

Code: Select all

Device USB\VID_11DB&PID_1000\1000 was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match.

Last Device Instance Id: USB\VID_11DB&PID_1000\5&26feab1e&0&6
Class Guid: {78A1C341-4539-11D3-B88D-00C04FAD5171}
Location Path: PCIROOT(0)#PCI(1400)#USBROOT(0)#USB(6)
Migration Rank: 0xF000C00000000013
Present: false
Status: 0xC0000719
I'm not likely to be able to test as I've gone to the dark side and the Toppy will be retired (hopefully, given away) soon.
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