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Lock up during play and record and component

Post by mp_york »

Our second Toppy has been playing up for quite a while now. It has a couple of issues, but as it is only used when there are 3 overlapping things to record, it is only a minor annoyance.

1) Lock up during play and record, after various durations. Sometimes it works fine for over an hour's viewing, but other times locks up within 20 minutes, either viewing or recording. It doesn't seem to get overly warm. And the TV signal is fine because it goes through all the devices to the TV. It is more unreliable doing both play and record simultaneously, making me think it's something to do with the HDD connection. To recover it is necessary to power off then on. And it often requires multiple remote power presses, before any thing happens and even then might take over 30 seconds before the return to standby. On power on it then does a verifying files and folder and then everything seems OK, until the next lock up.

2) This is the Toppy connected to the TV by component (SCART to 5 RCA plugs), which regularly causes the Panasonic TV to switch off, normally on the black screen prior to the credits at the end of a programme. In fact further research has found it puts the TV into an error condition, with a red warning LED flashing. See my original post It has been happily running with component for over 3 years, before this problem started.

I'm not sure if the issues are related.

This Toppy has the firmware patch to use the 5810 remote codes, so I can control both with a Universal remote.

I've done some investigation, without resolution. I did the full capacitor replacement (using one of Andy's kit) on the PSU in about 2016. And just re-checked the voltages, which generally look OK:

Marked Measured
30V 30.5
22V 24.6
17V 17.21
8V 7.47
5V 5.06
3.3V 3.32
15V 15.7
12V 12.39

I upgraded the HDDs in both Toppy's a number of years ago both with SATA 1TB Samsung HDDs. I had a spare PATA to SATA (Startech) adapter and 80 pin ribbon cable, so tried recently tried swapping these, which initially looked promising, but no, the lock up is still happening.

Any suggestions?

I do have some other old HDDs that I could try and I haven't looked at MyInfo or run fsCheck yet. I have another couple of Toppy's in various states of destruction, so between them there maybe enough parts to make a fully working one. As an ageing software engineer, I find messing with this stuff an interesting challenge. I scare myself every time a pick up a soldering iron - but I've successfully replaced the capacitors on a number of the PSUs now.

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Post by ccs »

I think posting a Myinfo log would be a good start.
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Post by jimi »

Regarding the TV problem, swap the 2 toppy connections over and see if the problem moves with the toppy.
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Post by mp_york »

Update - I've now had a bit of spare time to mess around with this Toppy.

I replaced the SATA Samsung 1TB HDD with an older original PATA Samsung 250 HDD.

I changed from the TV component connection to the lower quality composite connection (2 RCAs instead of SCART).

So far with the few attempted recordings and playbacks there have been no lock ups and the TV hasn't switched off or reported an error code. After reading a few forum posts about the TV, the main PCB can have "capacitor" problems!

I the background I have the 1TB HDD connected to an old Windows 7 PC and managed to copy all the recordings from it, using TopfHDRW. The disk doctor didn't show any obvious HDD problems.
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Post by Geoff Bacon »

try running gsmartcontrol on the disk and look to see if any of he attributes are in red or have comments against them (Gsmartcontrol is free and checks the health of the disk)

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