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Image jumps with Sony TV - but only when watching live

Post by odie »


We've just swapped our TV, from a 32" Polaroid to a 32" Sony - more inputs and it can adjust volume automatically between AV inputs swung it for me.

Since swapping to the Sony, we are getting issues with the image. Every few minutes it flickers to the right very briefly.

Physically, I've tried swapping Scart leads and which scart input it's using on the TV. Watching DVD (scart direct or passed through Toppy) is fine. Watching Wii on AV inputs is fine too.
I've also tried swapping around all video options I can see on the Toppy and on the TV, but with no joy.

The really odd thing is that it only does it when watching live. In timeshift or when watching a recording it's OK. So if I notice it flicker, and immediately rewind, since it's now in timeshift it won't flicker at the point it did it moments before.

I know an easy workaround is to just never watch live and always watch timeshirt (even if only a few seconds behind live and it's fine), but its irritating the rest of the family who don't always remember to timeshift.

Toppy PSU was replaced using the wonderful swap service from AndyFras only last September.

Anyone seen this before or got any further suggestions?

Many thanks!
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Post by Geoff Bacon »


"The RF Type should be set to PAL-I for UK television sets, and controls how the sound is sent when you are using the RF OUT connector on the back of the PVR to link to your television."

See ... 879#182879 (Not quite the same problem)

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