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Right, after formatting the disk on the Toppy itself and plugging it back in, I've come to the conclusion that CRC-1410 CT is not equivalent to any system supported by either TopfHDRW, TopfHDDoctor nor TfTool - only TopfHDDoctor detects the drive, and even then only as a system drive.
Although judging by how fast the formatting was, it does seem to be only a partial formatting.
I can't run it through TfTool since the disk doesn't appear on the file explorer window, TopfHDRW doesn't detect it at all, and trying to analyze the disk via TopfHDDoctor throws a subscript error loop, at lines 7250 and 7450 looping eternally until i abort the program.
On the plus side, I now have a one-to-one disk image of the whole disk on a portable drive, so I could just go poking around in the expert tools and see what sticks.
If anyone has any other ideas, maybe older tools or something similar to try out, I'm all ears.

Edit: After using Go Back to rollback to something earlier, I've got the analysis working for the most part - some subscript errors still happen, but I think the reason I kept getting subscript errors is because there's just so many of them going off and I just didn't have the patience to bypass each and every error. I wonder how many slots are on the average 500gb Toppy drive?

Edit 2: TopfHDDoctor ran the requisite fixes during analysis, and created several LostCluster.rec files after a copious amount of skippable subscript errors. And now TopfHDRW also detects the disk! I've copied every .rec i found on the disk to my external drive, TopfHDRW detected two other Toppy disks in addition to the one with the LostCluster.recs, both unchecked - I'll give them a poke once it's done copying the .recs.
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Assuming the file structure is FAT24, the disk will have between 128000 and 132000 clusters (assuming it is generating a subscript error per cluster)

Suggest you tru watching one of the LostCluster files using VLC yo check that what you have is at least watchable,
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Righto then. It wasn't with every last cluster, but with an interval of about 15-20 seconds.
OF note is that there are three recordings that weren't made with the Toppy on the disk as well: Driver Dan's Story Train, Bowls: Australian Indoor Championship and Mobatoba's Shop if i recall correctly.
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Strange. TopfHDRW detects disks 3 and 5, never checks them automatically, and trying to make the program load their contents complains that TopfHDRW has lost the link to the disk and then the whole program self-terminates.
Anyone else had this issue? Is it something I should worry about?

Also, it seems none of the LostCluster copies actually play back. They vary in size, but thus far, every one has blipped in VLC before ending on their own, without actually showing anything. However, at least one of the odd .recs actually works: Bowls. Drive Dan's Story Train only shows a glitchy square in the upper left corner and makes the seekbar flip out.
I can't test any of the originals, since for some reason file explorer still doesn't detect the SATA disk. Any ideas? Or was this a colossal waste of time?
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