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Re: Freeview.dat and FvTxData.tsv

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Geoff Bacon wrote: Mon Nov 22, 2021 10:43 am @ccs
I'm assuming you mean the link in "<<< Failed to download ... tland).dat"

This will always return 404 because, following the change imposed by New Google Sites, the updates_4 folder no longer exists.
In the new system, all the files are held in my Google drive rather tahn directly on the web page/site. TM uses a URLMapping file to translate old addresses (embedded in the program code) to these new files.

The only time TM should report an "old" link address is if it can't find the mapping file or it doesn't contain an entry that maps to the new file.
[edit]Another alternative is that they are running a very old version of TM that doesn't know about the mapping file.[/edit]

I've never used TM, I just tried the link which posted the 404 error to see if was now working as reported.
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