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Locking of Threads and Posting Advice

Post by HydeTheDarkerSide »

Throughout this site you will, from time to time, see the odd thread locked. A small padlock icon shows the thread to be locked and so it cannot be edited, or added to in any way. Only Moderators and Site Administrators can lock threads.

The reasons for locking a thread are:-

For TAP related posts in the TAP Topic area...

1. That locking a thread is a not a personal slight on your character. It simply means it's in the wrong place because...

2. That by posting in the correct thread the supporters of that TAP get an email notification of the new post which they wouldn't for posts made elsewhere.

3. Keeps the forums tidy in that the main threads are not pushed off the primary page by single subject posts, thus causing more confusion for new users.

4. Allows other subscribers of that TAP to see any issues or assist with solutions and thus speed the time to a reply/solution for that users query.

5. That the current forum software doesn't allow the tacking of a new thread to the foot of the appropriate thread.

For TAP related posts made in non-TAP Topic areas...

1. The post has been made to the wrong topic area, and cannot be tacked onto the appropriate thread in the correct topic area.

For non-TAP related posts...

1. Likely that the post will be moved rather than locked.

If you are unsure about the correct TAP thread to post to, then the forum link from the software library will take you to the correct thread.

Please ensure that you have used the search tools before posting, as more often than not, someone has already asked the same question, and a solution provided.

To post a new question in an existing thread, first go to the last post in that thread and click the "postreply" icon. You can optionally add a title. The title is not displayed, but can be searched on. The quickest way of selecting the last post in a thread is to click the small, white, page icon shown to the right of the user name in the "Last Post" column.

Type your post with as much information as you can, using the terminology, where possible, applicable to that TAP. It's also useful to know the firmware version your Toppy is using as this can have an effect on how some TAPs operate.

Preview your post to make sure it makes sense and looks OK.

Make any changes you feel are needed and Preview again.

Once you're happy, then hit the Submit button, and await the flood of responses your well crafted post deserves :D

To use the text entered by another poster, click the "quote" button, found top right in the title bar, of each post. This will pre-populate your reply edit box with the post that person made. You will see some formatting commands that tell the forum software how to display the text. Please be careful when editing these formatting commands as getting it wrong can substantially change the tone, meaning, etc. of the original post.

Once again use the Preview button to make sure you have not adversely changed the content or meaning of the quote.

Many thanks.
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Post by swedish cook »

It would save you quite a bit of work if the "New Topic" button weren't available when looking at a thread. Is this not possible ? I don't think it would affect usability - quite the contrary.
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Post by wooders »

swedish cook wrote:It would save you quite a bit of work if the "New Topic" button weren't available when looking at a thread. Is this not possible ? I don't think it would affect usability - quite the contrary.
I would go further and suggest that the postreply button becomes a post message button, and the quote button becomes a reply to this message button.
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