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TAPs for data recovery/protection?

Post by Stonecreek »

Are there any TAPs for data recovery or data protection?
If you've been on the Computer Connections board, you might have seen my short struggle with data recovery from a corrupt Toppy disk.
While the recovery hasn't worked out too well, the disk is now in working order and the rest of the recovery process can be handled using .dd images instead.
I'd like to take steps to prevent this debacle from happening again, and it could be that a TAP exists out there which can help me with that.
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Post by Geoff Bacon »

There aren't any recovery taps or other, generally, available recovery tools.
This means that, if recordings are important, they need to be copied files back to a pc

I have written an fsSave tap which saves an encoded version of the file structures each time the toppy boots. The only thing that can process these files is my TDM program so this is not worth installing because you wouldn't want to send me the disk.

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Post by YorkshireJumbo »

I manually run a CMD script on a laptop connected to the Toppy, which backs up settings and recordings to a portable disk using Antares. It needs me to check the drive regularly and delete watched recordings I don't want to keep them
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