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EPG Clean V1.01

Post by cawright1 »

Cant seem to find info or download location on this TAP at all. Any ideas?
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Post by Bizman »

I think what you want is Prune EPG. If you followed the two links I gave in another thread you would find it on Geoff Bacon's site at You can also find his TopManager program which will simplify the problem-solving with your Toppy. I will also enable you to post a more informative profile for us to help you.

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Post by mstombs »

MikB does have a tap EPGClean, which also apparently benefits from PruneEPG ... 412#266412
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Post by MikB »

mstombs wrote:MikB does have a tap EPGClean, which also apparently benefits from PruneEPG ... 412#266412
I was just going to post a link, but you beat me to it :)

Definitely run PruneEPG too!
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