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Occasional Bad Recording Files

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Over the last couple of months, several new recordings have shown up in the [Bad Files] folder in MyStuff.
My initial thoughts were that one of the tuners wasn't working properly but it has successfully recorded on both tuners simultaneously.
Typically, the missed recordings are for Coronation Street on the evenings that we are out. Thinking about it, on these evenings, the toppy hasn't been on in the day so perhaps the tuners aren't working properly after an automatic start to perform a recording.

The other night, it made a recording and MyStuff showed it as the correct length in the Archive display. Next morning, after MS had rebooted, it appeared in the [Bad Files] folder (MS checks the recording headers when it boots)

So it looks as though the recording is being performed but the toppy is not writing out the header correctly when it stops.

To try to isolate the problem, I have swapped the disk into my test system. I also had to move the PSU board (repaired by andyfras) because the other PSU hasn't been upgraded (normally switched off, only used for testing my TopManager program).

If the problem still exists on the "main" toppy then this will indicate the problem is disk and/or PSU related (and that the original tuners are probably OK). If the problem disappears then it may still be the tuners or it could just be because I have 'shaken' it up a bit).

It can take a couple of weeks for this to manifest so may not know for some time whether or not it is working.

PS: The disk looks OK according to the SMART characteristics
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