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Two TF5800s for sale both with 1.5TB HDDs and SATA bridges

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We?ve just upgraded both TVs to new 4K models which don?t have SCART or composite inputs so I?m selling both our TF5800s. Very sad to see ?em go, the silver one I?ve had for ten years, it?s almost like an old friend! They?ve been such great value for money but we?ve been using YouView PVRs (often through gritted teeth!) for HD for a few years now so the Toppys were rarely used even when we had the old TVs with SCART input.

Only reason I?m selling as opposed to giving them away is that they both have 1.5TB HDDs (Western Digital WD15EADS) fitted using a SATA bridge purchased from Turbosat.

The black one is still going strong. The silver one sometimes fails to power down after recording and occasionally will fail to respond to the remote. Caps probably need replacing. They were last replaced on both units in 2013. ... SweLBaUn7r ... SwD05aUoQ6
TF5800 - Silver, TS On, F/W: MS6 Recommended F/W 12/9/2009 -Sy TAPs: EIT Sub (Game) v0.6; EPG2MEI v0.96; Extend v1.7; Font Manager 1.0d; MHEG On/Off A3; MyInfo B5.6; MyStuff 6.5; SecCache (UK) v0.4; TF5800 - Black, TS On, F/W: MS6 Recommended F/W 12/9/2009 -Sy TAPs: EPG2MEI v0.96; MyStuff 6.5; Font Manager 1.0d; Extend v1.7; SecCache (UK) v0.4; EIT Sub (Game) v0.6; MHEG On/Off A3; MyInfo B5.6; Sig generated by MyInfo on 15/2/14
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