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Which firmware should I be using?

Post by nwhitfield »

To avoid confusion, this message will be updated with the current information about the recommended firmware.

For additional information, please refer to the Firmware download page, which contains links to most downloadable firmwares, including some not available from the Topfield sites.

TF5800 users:
The firmware you can run on your Toppy depends on the Loader Version, which is given on the IRD status screen. If you have Loader C1.01, you have the original UK unit, and you can run any firmware.

If your IRD status screen indicates Loader Version C5.14, you can only run firmwares 5.12.99 or higher.

We currently recommend that users use firmware 5.13.65, which is the latest release and will run on any UK Toppy. The Freeview Playback firmware is not presently recommended.

TF5810 users:
There is, so far, only one firmware, version 5.15.08.

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