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Post by Darucla »

Topfield Touts!
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Post by Doct0r »

"Hey" :shock:

"Hey you there" :?

"Wanna pay over the odds for a Toppy?" :roll:

"Head on over to ebay, or better yet e-mail them letting them know that you can buy it cheaper"

Yes, I am certifiable :evil: :twisted:

Tick all that apply :wink:

Sorry, as you see, I have time on my hands, and fingers, and I think I've finally acted like an egg and cracked. I'm :oops: for myself.
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Post by simonc »

Just got back from Currys in Gloucester :oops: I was going vaguely in that direction, honest. With the right firmware and TAPs it's such a great box, I couldn't resist the bargain.

The facelift version really does have a very shiny fascia. The original silver model seems quite subtle and understated in comparison.
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