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VLC media player refuces to play all Toppy recs

Post by fintop »


Summer Greetings from Helsinki!

New here and unsure about the correct area for my topic, that why choosed this place for newbies.

We have Toppy TF510PVRc.

Hard disk is only 250 Mb and Antares 1.1 helps to make place for new recordings.

VLC media player is problematic.
Some files it plays with no problems, some not at all.
VLC is like playing the file, second by second, but no sound, no picture.

I am not able to figure out any reason why VLC plays some files ok, some not at all.

All programs are recorded 2013, no old data.

That unreliability is very frustrating because I cannot be sure that if I get rid of the original in my Toppy, that file on Pc´s harddisk will open.

Wonder if someone has had same kind of problem? And how you solved it?

I also wondered if updating VCL destroys files?

Thank You for all possibly ideas to solve this!
And Thank You Moderator, if you kindly show me the correct area for this topic!
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VLC & .rec files

Post by andy___ »

Hi Fintop and welcome

My advice would depend on what you want to do with the files and how much time you want to spend on things. I always use the most up-to-date version of VLC possible. I've sometimes had files which play a couple of times in VLC and then stop. Usually they still work if you demultiplex them.

You could look at the .rec files more closely. I have Windows based systems and use ProjectX to demux the rec into .m2v and .mp2 files. ProjectX also lets you cut out adverts or spaces at the start and end of the programme you've recorded.

When you have the .m2v and .mp2 files, by demuxing the .rec, you can use a DVD authoring program to make a DVD from them. If you don't want that much trouble, a multiplexer like ImagoMPEG muxer will quickly join (mux) the .m2v and .mp2 together to make a .mpg file which will play on any computer. If you don't like cutting the video with ProjectX you might prefer Cuttermaran to cut things out the recorded programmes or to edit the .m2v and .mp2 elementary streams together.

Sorry that I don't speak Finnish and my English is a bit technical.

Enjoy the summer. I like the joke where a Scotsman says: I love summer; it's the best day of the year. What time does the sun go down at night in Helsinki in July?

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Post by DB1 »

Have you tried mplayer? I play straight from the toppy giving mplayer the ftp url of what I want to watch.
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Post by juwlz »

SlugStream is a useful resource for doing that. (The connection doesn't have to be via a Slug, and the player doesn't have to be VLC.)

If nothing else, it should give you a way to test files with your player of choice before transferring them.

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