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Continuous Play mode??

Post by Tone68 »

Hi, can anyone help with my crc-2400. I have recorded two programmes, they are in the list and play fine, but when i try to move (copy) them, it says this function isn't available in 'continuous play mode'. What is this and how do I deal with it? :?
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Post by juwlz »

Moving (to a folder) and copying (making a duplicate of a recording) are two very different things.

I don't know anything about a CRC2400, but on a 58xx, you use the Yellow button to move a recording to another folder. Copying is disabled as a side-effect of the the [Xp] patch which is included in the Recommended firmware for 58xx machines.

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Post by ryclark »

Maybe if you have both recordings selected to playback in sequence you can't copy them ie. you have selected them with the F1 button and they are numbered. Try deselecting them from the playlist and play them one at a time.
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