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A confused newbie

Post by AnnW »

Hi, I'm very glad to have found you! :)
We just got our CRC-2400 today and have been told by both Smallworld customer services and the chap who brought the box that I can record up to 4 channels at once and watch another. This evening, I set it to record both bbc1 & itv1 (from the epg). Both programmes were on between 7.30 & 8.30 and we were happily watching alibi when the channel suddenly changed to bbc1 when the recording was due to start. The only way we could get it back to alibi to finish watching the programme we were half way through, was to cancel the bbc1 recording. Does anyone have any idea why this happened? Did I do something daft when setting the recording up?

Thank you for any help you can give. :?
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Post by DX »

I don't have one of these so I may well be wrong but I think the key bit of the phrase is up to 4 channels - it could be less. From the manual it appears the box has two tuners, so the actual number that can be recorded / watched at once may be lower. To quote from the manual

The digital receiver has two tuners that allow you to record up
to four different services at once while watching another one.
However, this quadruple recording and one playback is only
possible when they are provided from the same transponder or
not more than two different transponders.

I presume your example invoved three different transponders, hence the problem.

You can get the manual here ... ng_web.pdf
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Post by juwlz »

Hi Ann

Almost everybody on this forum uses a 5800 or 5810 Freeview Toppy, so you may find that the help we can give you is mostly generic.

In addition to only being able to record channels from 2 muxes at once as described by DX, there is also a bug in the 58xx firmware (for which a patch is available) where the Toppy switches channels unnecessarily when it's about to record something on a channel you're not watching. This is separate from the issue you saw where you couldn't switch back to Alibi (BBC1 and ITV1 are on different muxes, and presumbly Alibi is on a third), but is worth bearing in mind too.

This may or may not be the case in the firmware for your 2400, and as far as I can see, the patch only appears to apply to 5xxx firmware anyway (but I may be wrong).

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Post by AnnW »

Thank you both for coming back to me
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Post by nvingo »

For anyone who has a Freeview HD PVR and access to a Freeview HD broadcast, it's worth remembering that ITV1HD and BBC1HD are on the same mux.
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