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Setting MyStuff radio timers

Post by goodolpete »

I've looked through the 6.4 manual but can't see this,
so sorry if it's covered there. I understand that Radio
5 Live Extra have commentaries for American football
and baseball. I already have searches for NLF and MLB
but these aren't picking up any radio programs. How do
I specify radio when I create a search?
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Post by juwlz »

The obvious answer is to find the programme you want to record in the EPG and hit Rec or Slowmo. The glib answer is "the same way you do for TV programmes". There's nothing special about setting up timers for Radio recordings.

The more detailed answer is that the channel you want to set up the recording for must exist in the favourites file or channel that you specify in the search itself. If you don't explicitly specifiy one, MyStuff will use whatever you have specified in K3: Channels to search by default (note that in the case of PowerSearches, this denotes the channel(s) used for the TEXT part of the search; other channels may actually get recorded if their CRID data suggests them as alternatives). Since the arrival of PowerSearches, I now have K3 set to Single so that I don't pick up unwanted repeats on Dave, etc. It's easy to broaden the search to a Favourites file if I want to.

And of course, the channel must exist on your Toppy.

So it IS all in the manual ;-).

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Radio EPG

Post by Karvindon »

Sorry to but in only I've forgotton how to post a question. If you can't help me here please let me know what I need to do.

Back again after a long uneventful period with my TF5800 working fine.
The problem I have now, I shut my Topfield down, when I started it up it went haywire so I decided to do a factory setting and a new scan, this failed (I couldn?t get the radio EPG to work) so I reinstalled Mystuff.
My problem now, I have deleted duplicate channels television channels but when I try to go into the radio EPG and an information bar comes up at the bottom of the screen. No matter what I do, I can?t see the radio EPG, if I dial a radio channel from the remote the radio channel will come up. I try to go into the Radio EPG but it wont, if I press the OK button on the remote the radio channels come up, I?ve deleted the duplicates but still can?t get the radio EPG to work.
Any help would be appreciated.
If you need a setup information printout please let me know how to get it as it?s a long time since I have.
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