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Lost the EPG on some of your channels?

Post by nwhitfield »

A recurrent problem experienced with many users is a failure of EPG information; this most commonly happens with ITV and Channel 4 channels. In fact, it's the information carried on Multiplex 2.

Due to the way the Toppy works, it only looks on the multiplex that you're tuned to for EPG data, and so it shows up this frequent Freeview failure more than other boxes, which can pick the information up from other multiplexes.

Topfield are working to address this behaviour in their box, but the broadcasters still need to up their game, and ensure that they maintain a proper broadcast of EPG data. They're obliged to maintain Now and Next information, rather than the full 7 day guide, but often fail to do that.

Past experience has shown that when this problem occurs, it can usually be fixed by the engineers - they just don't know that it's happened, because they don't bother to monitor the EPG broadcasts. Contacting the relevant broadcasters via email will start the ball rolling.

Those email addresses are below:

The problem most often happens with Multplex 2, so you need to use the first two email addresses in that case.

Note that changing the firmware on your Toppy isn't going to fix this; the loss of data is down to the broadcasters, and if you've just changed a TAP, or upgraded your box, it's just coincidence. All you can do is sit and wait for the engineers to pull their fingers out and get things working again.

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Post by digsatman »

I would also email Ofcom at

They are the regulators and control the technical and programming standards. If they are made more aware of the frustrations of users they may be persuaded to put more pressure on the broadcasters.
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Post by Improbulus »

Hi, is this the same problem?

First day trying the Toppy, and I found that for Channel 5 in the multi-channel view the EPG showed nothing at all.

When I switched to single channel view of Channel 5 in the EPG, and then back to multi-channel view, that fixed it.

It's happened 3 times today now.
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Post by malc »

In general the toppy on gets the EPG for the channel it is on. In multi-channel view you might not have been on channel 5 so no EPG. Changing to chanel 5 fills the tables so when you change back tyou can see all the channels.
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Jon Marshall
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Post by Jon Marshall »

Anyone had problems with EPG for More4 channel.
Had great chunks of EPG missing all day today? :(
Had to resort to manually setting timers :(
Cheers Jon
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Post by fraussie »

Same here - since Friday have had minimal EPG data on More4 (current and next program with no future details). On Sunday this droped to no information at all, showing only the More4 Preview from Saturday morning. This is still the case, and I have e-mailed channel 4 as per the notes above.
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Post by meadfoot »

And me! Haven't had any useful EPG on More4 & More4+1 since last week so have emailed both Channel4 and Ofcom this morning with what I had shown. Eg Sat 06:00 and a gap until sometime next Wed :shock:

They didn't even have a 'Now and Next' which I understood to be requirement of the licence.

( This also affected my iDTV and another digibox )

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Andy K
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Post by Andy K »

CH4 are stepping upto the mark it appears ! :lol:

Today 17:30 is states "We appologise we are currently unable to display EIT p/f schedule "

and for the rest of the day it looks like they have manually entered the data as it's in block caps and brief data.
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Missing EPG data

Post by kothai.kanthan »

I have barely any EPG data on all the main channels, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 - it has been like that for several days now - I'm in the London area.
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Clock has lost an hour.

Post by GPa »

Me too ! My clock has lost an hour, will now email ofcom.
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Post by Frank_Keane »

No Mux 2 EPG data today from Crystal Palace, I have emailed ITV and Channel 4.
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Post by Hud »

Emley Moor transmitter and, with the exception of BBC, hardly any EPG data over the last few days. Really annoying. I've emailed all concerned as suggested by Nigel
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Post by 0nezer0 »

I'm served by the Durris transmitter (NE Scotland).

I have only Now & Next EPG data for; ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, Channel4, More4, E4 which are all on MUX 2.
Strangely, on ITV4 I am receiving the full 7 day data!?

five and abc1 (MUX A) have only limited EPG data. Some info for today, nothing for Monday and some data for Tuesday.

Also, should I still be 'receiving' ITV News on CH81?
I thought BBC Parliament was moving to 81. Despite a re-scan, I still receive BBC P on CH85.
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Post by nwhitfield »

To allow for channel moves, you may need to delete the old ITV news channel manually, and the old BBC Parliament entries, before rescanning.

You can see which channels are on which Mux by looking at the summary in the channel map

It's not comprehensive, and needs a tweak to add More4+1 and allow for the loss of ITV News.

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Post by Hud »

For info. This is the response I got from Ofcom regarding an email I sent lack of EPG data:
"The broadcasters are required to transmit 'now and next' EPG information, but extended EPGs are provided on an entirely non-mandatory basis, so issues about the operation of the 8-day extended Freeview EPG for example should be addressed to the broadcasters in the first instance. If your receiver uses a third-party EPG (e.g. the 14-day EPG provided by 4TV, and used on Digifusion receivers for example), you should contact the EPG provider.

"While I'm not aware of any widespread now-and-next issues at the moment, I understand that there was a technical fault on Sunday 12 February, which resulted on disruption to much of the 'service information', including the Freeview EPG, which has now been resolved. If you're still experiencing problems with now-and-next, please let me know, and I'll look into the problem further."

I did send an email to ITV/Channel 4 and C5 but only got a reply from ITV saying that all was well (it wasn't)
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