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Label Is Incorrect

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I have bought the PVR model 7260 Plus.

I have to say that the Intelligent Record (IR) feature of this model is frustrating to say the least. When I select a program or show to use IR, most of the time the label / title of the recorded program or show is the previous program / show.

In other words lets say for example I use IR to record a program called "Cops" at lets say 7:30PM. When it records it the recorded program is labelled / titled what was playing before 7:30PM in this case the program that was playing before 7:30PM was "Get Smart", so now the recorded program is titled "Get Smart" but the content is really "Cops".

This is very frustrating because I now get lots of recorded programs with Incorrect titles.

If I knew that a Topfield PVR would do this I would never have bought one. I have had 2 other PVR brands like Panasonic and LG and they don't have this issue.

How can this be fixed?
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