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Adding channels (7TWO, etc) to MacTF-EPG

Post by cazlar »

Hi, just some instructions for getting 7TWO (and any further future channels like ABC3) to work in MacTF-EPG v2 and above.

1. Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/MacTF-EPG
2. Open the file channelMap.txt
3. Add the new entry on a new line, based on what the new channel is listed in the xmltv.xml file (find it in the output folder if necessary). In the case of 7TWO, the magic string you want is "". Make sure you put tabs between the parts.

so for 7TWO (in the Sydney-LC7 feed at least) it becomes:
72 7TWO

4. Subsequent fetches should then include the 7TWO entries in the resulting TGD files (after 1 Nov of course!).
5. There is no step 5.

OK, there is if you want to be pedantic:
5. For bonus points, you can find a 7TWO logo, and place it inside the app bundle as 72.png to get it to show up in the Now/Next listings (otherwise it will show up with text only, so this isn't strictly necessary at all).

PS. My iPhone Topfield remote control app is just on finished (I literally just have a few coloured buttons to finish making for it), and thus ready for some testing. I have no idea how useful it is, but that it works at all is fairly cool IMO. Hopefully it will prove useful though (maybe if you lost your remote, or it misbehaves as was mentioned in a recent thread). If you want to be a beta tester, just send me your UDID. BTW, you will need to have the USB callback patch installed on your Toppy FW for it to work, a local wifi network (ad-hoc wifi should work too), as well as a Mac connected to the Toppy via USB (the Mac runs MacTF-EPG to act as interpreter to the virtualRemote TAP).

Any UK owners can also give it a go if they want, but I have yet to adapt it for their keycode changes, so odd things may result for a few of their keys!
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