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Jekyll and Hyde

Post by davidbarton »

I just got home after being delayed for hours in horrendous traffic, and found that my Toppy doesn't believe in "daylight saving time", so I have not got a recording of the first episode of Jekyll and Hyde :-(

Could anybody let me have a copy, please?
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Post by msteggalls »

I managed to record it, so happy to pass it on to you

Either DVD my post or I can upload to Dropbox

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Geoff Bacon
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Post by Geoff Bacon »

Can't help with the recording but if you had been using MyStuff, with a morning EPG timer, you wouldn't have missed recording it! i.e perhaps reconsider your non use of MS

Also note that your sig says "No taps" so you are pretty much in a minority and it is a bit surprising that your Toppy still works. If you gave up on MS with an old version, you might want to retry it on version 6.6

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Re: Jekyll and Hyde

Post by ccs »

davidbarton wrote:Given up on MyStuff because it created more problems than it solved :(
I'd give it another go, you seem to miss recordings fairly regularly. :)
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