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** Everything you ever wanted to know about MyStuff **

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Rather than fill up the top of the MyStuff forum with lots of sticky threads, here are links to some of the most useful ones.

MyStuff-specific threads

MyStuff Manual, your first port of call if you need help with MyStuff. A searchable/printable comprehensive manual in PDF format, complete with a What's New section and Appendices on
  • the MyStuff options
  • Creating Skins
  • Related Applications
  • Installation instructions
  • FAQs
  • MyStuff file and folder structure on the Toppy
  • MyStuff's API
MyStuff Installer for any issues with using the MyStuff TAP and firmware installer on Windows PCs.

MyStuff Recommended Firmware for the 5800/5810. Information about the current Recommended Firmware and patches.

MyStuff on YouTube demos of MyStuff in use.

MyStuff problems/questions? READ THIS FIRST. A quick overview of issues with MyStuff 6.0 and The Big Retune (which happened at about the same time as MS 6.0 was released), and how to resolve them. NB: In general, the bugs are fixed in later versions of MyStuff.

MyStuff 6: Hints, tips and workarounds for known bugs. A longer thread, with information about the new features in MyStuff 6 (mostly SeriesLink functionality, with information and recommendations for getting the best from Power Searches, Series Searches and Text Searches). Plus links to various other relevant threads about the topics covered. NB: In general, the bugs are fixed in later versions of MyStuff.

What does the installer do? How to manually install or update MyStuff and associated TAPs and support files - for those who don't want to or can't use the standard EPG collection TAP, or don't have UK firmware, or don't have Windows machines (or Windows emulators).

Related TAPs

FastScanGUI - a TAP you can install to restrict your channel scans to one transmitter to avoid duplicate channels. R2-D2.

ChannelOrganiser - a TAP you can install to delete unwanted and duplicate channels, and save a list of your favourites, to make it faster to do next time round. Can also update various configuration files for you, based on your channel selections. EMJB.

MyInfo (automatically installed with MyStuff by the installer) - automatically records pertinent information about your Toppy and produces a logfile, including a suggested forum signature which will also help us to help you. Post the entire contents to help us to help you when troubleshooting if the brief info in the signature isn't detailed enough (e.g. for channel problems). EMJB.

General Help

Getting Help Wiki page.
How to help us to help you more effectively.

Related Applications

Geoff Bacon's Windows application to make it easier to view and compare (sanity check) your Toppy's configuration files, view and copy your MyInfo log, set up a forum signature, save a baseline / snapshot configuration, and more.

MyKeys (MyStuff Keys)
Mavison's Windows program to read your MyStuff export file and generate a personalised crib sheet for which keys do what in your MyStuff.


Of course, we will continue to have sticky announcement threads for the period that they are relevant (e.g. latest release).

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