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Post by ccs »

Fair enough.

This is what confused me.....
Londoner24 wrote:I could see the firmware in the program files of the Toppy via Antares
Because that's not where firmware is stored.
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Post by Londoner24 »

Hi CCS :)

Yes, the program files is where the TAPs are meant to be, but it kept putting it there. I gave up in the end.

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No TAPs installed
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Post by mstombs »

I don't use antares, but with ftpd-topfield 'firmware' is virtual directory in the root, you can never see anything in it!
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Post by HydeTheDarkerSide »

Firmware is not the same thing as a tap and needs different tools and process to install than a tap does. Search this for firmware installation.
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Post by alan_m »

Londoner24 wrote:Hi CCS :)

Yes, the program files is where the TAPs are meant to be, but it kept putting it there. I gave up in the end.

Firmware is programmed into non-volatile flash memory and not on the hard disk. A toppy can run as a basic freview reciever without the hard disk being fitted.

TFDN_USB will have taken the firmware file and programmed it straight into the flash memory over the USB link, but as you have found it doesn't work with a 64 bit operating system

Although I haven't used it in this way, it appears that if you use Antares
in the same way as TFDN_USB it will also program firmware straight into flash. You used Antares the other way, as a hard disk to hard disk copy faciliity

There are ways of taking a firmware that is on the hard disk and programming it into the flash memory. One way is
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