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Topfield freezing - do i need to update software

Post by karenaw »

Over the last week or so my TF5800 has been freezing - initially it was when I was recording one thing whilst watching another. It would stop recording then not work again until I switched off at the wall.
Last night it did the same thing 3 times in an hour, I was watching a recording but it wasn't recording anything else.
Do I need to update my software: system info
Loader version c5.14
Device version v5.3.36
Software version TF-NPT 5.13.65T
Last update 10/10/2009 (loaded Dec 2009)
I have no taps or additional items installed - device used only to record and watch recordings.
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Post by aramil »

How old is your Toppy?

More likely if more than 3 years it's a Power supply problem.

I would stop using it until you know, it could cause more damage that could be expensive/terminal!
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Re: Topfield freezing - do i need to update software

Post by juwlz »

karenaw wrote:Software version TF-NPT 5.13.65T
That's the current recommended firmware, so no, you don't need to update it.

As aramil says, it's more likely to be a failing PSU.

You repair it yourself by following the instructions on the PSU Repair Wiki page. If you're not handy with a multimeter and soldering iron, or not comfortable avoiding the death hazards inside the Toppy, forum members andyfras (, in Fleet) and MikeyP (, in Bolton) both offer an inexpensive repair service for other forum members, generally with quick turnaround. PM one or both of them (by clicking on the PM button under any of their posts) for more details.

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