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I sometimes use Filer to delete MyStuff's files when I have renamed programs (via the native Toppy interface or via Altair) or edited and re-loaded to Toppy or when MS barfs on duff EPG data (which hasn't happened lately).
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chunkywizard wrote:Does anyone use Filer?
I do, and wouldn't be without it. Though to my taste it's not quite perfect, and I have tried a couple of more recent updates and reverted to the version I'm most comfortable with.
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jumbo wrote:
juwlz wrote:I don't think there are any TAPs in common usage now that a) check the SysID in the first place, and b) haven't been updated to include SysID 458 as valid anyway, so either of the two firmware files would be fine.
TF5000Display, Filer - both widely used in the UK.
TF5000Display was updated, AFAIR. So maybe one of the millions of Filer users could ask nicely for the three(?)-year-old TF5800PVRt (SysID 458) to be added? Especially since a number of plain TF5800 units were also shipped with SysID 458.
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Also UK Subtitle - I think (simonc can verify that).
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