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on-screen text/graphic display

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Is there an on-screen textl/graphic display TAP?

I have another machine (Raspberry Pi in this case) with a simple application which some video output. Whilst I am using the app I would like to watch my Toppy. One solution is a separate screen by the side of my TV, but much neater would be a PIP-like TAP.

The bandwidth+graphical content is quite low so would go over tty(USB) quite nicely. The RPi has USB output as native and can do RS232 via a level converter. Something like a pseudo- VT100 graphics would be sufficient, but GUI display would be even nicer.

In the case of this particular Mk.1 app all I need is about 20-100 bytes/sec of display, but quicker/graphic would be nicer. Displaying a banged graphic (GIF?) makes for greater flexibility cos the composition of the graphic can be done at the leisure of the host. The Toppy just displays what it got given.

Which input port would work most easily with a Toppy? Reading the TAP API is unclear.

Existing? Cleverer way?
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