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mick ralph
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Receiving DVB-S2 signals on Toppy 5010

Post by mick ralph »

I have the TF5010 Masterpiece with an 80cm motorised dish abnd live in Sussex.

I watch a lot of French TV on 5W, but I have found two further programs on Eutelsat 9E which I would like to watch. However, although I get a strong signal on some of the frequencies (eg 11919) on this satellite, there is no signal on the frequency 12034, so that I can't watch the programs I want.

I notice that 11919 broadcasts in DVB-S, whereas 12034 is in DVB-S2. Would this make a difference - does the 5010 receive DVB-S2 signals? If not, is there a way to make it receive them?

Thanks for any advice.

Mick Ralph
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Post by nwhitfield »

You'll have to look at the specs, online or in the manual, to see if there's a mention of DVB-S2 alongside DVB-S.

If the specs simply say DVB-S then you're out of luck - you can't change anything in software to go from S to S2, as it's a function of the tuner hardware, long before anything gets as far as the processor.

And if the 5010 is the same sort of vintage as the 5000, then I'd say it's pretty likely it is S only.
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