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PLEASE: Use the forums, not email!

Post by nwhitfield »

I realise that it can sometimes be bewildering trying to find information here, but please will people refrain from sending me emails (via my personal email, or the admin email address) asking for information or individual technical help.

If you are trying to find information about a problem:

1) Check the news section of the site,
This can also be accessed via the front page, or the News button. Most news items contain a link to a relevant forum thread.

2) Check the Bugs area of the forum, to see if other people have reported a problem.

3) Check the bugs list, to see if the problem you are experiencing is a known problem. You can see the public bugs list via and if you have registered for site Services, the list at will let you check which bugs are reported for the firmware you're running, or affect specific issues, like subtitles, pay tv or recording. You can access the public list via the Bugs button on the home page.

4) Take a look at the FAQs. These will tell you how to do things like check your firmware version. You should start at or by clicking the FAQs button.

5) There may be a guide on the site that covers the issue you want to know more about; you can find out user-written guides at or by clicking the Guides button.

6) If you have a problem with the way the site works, please post in this section of the site, where one of the regular users, moderators or helpers may be able to assist you.

Only in very exceptional circumstances should you email a problem directly to me, whether at my address or via admin @

Especially at busy times like these, I do not have the time to give people invididual repsonses, and you will likely just receive a link back to a part of this site - if I don't simply ignore your email.

If you need individual technical support or handholding, then you should try contacting the supplier of your box, or ask for assistance in the forum; the New users area is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with your box.

So, please, please, think carefully before you send me an email asking for help. You will likely get a much quicker response if you ask on the forums.

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