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Massive thanks ...

Post by nwhitfield »

Please can I say a massive thank you to John, aka HydeTheDarkerSide, who for the last few years has done the principle work of site admin in approving new members to the forum, and is now stepping down.

Without his help, I doubt the site would have been going for as long as it has been, so massive thanks are due to him.

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Post by andyfras »

Thanks to John and Nigel for keeping the forum going for us die-hard Toppy users.
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Geoff Bacon
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Post by Geoff Bacon »

Many thanks to both of you for providing/managing such a great site

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Post by andrec »

Wot Andy and Geoff said :D

I abandoned the Toppy for a Miraclebox years ago, but I still look in here almost every day :shock:
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Post by juwlz »

I too have moved on, but here's another thank you.
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Post by jimi »

Many thanks, myToppy is still doing sterling duty as my main (and only) pvr, hope the site keeps going as long as the Toppy does 8)
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Post by albertd »

Another vote of thanks to all those, who not only keep the forum going, but also those experts who have spent so much time explaining in great detail, often many times to different people, what to do to keep their Toppys going and also providing physical assistance.

Certainly mine would not have lasted from 2010 to 2018 without them.

Hopefully the site will continue to support the now dwindling number of users.
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Post by Laser »

Yep, another massive thank-you from me for the many years of service from this site. A truly pleasant and constructive environment.

I hope HydeTheDarkerSide standing down doesn't mean the end of the place. If I had more time I'd volunteer myself, but sadly even then I'd have no idea what to do!
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Post by nwhitfield »

No, I have no immediate plans to do anything other than leave the site ticking along - the number of new people joining is pretty small now, so verifying people who sign up or change email address won't be too much of a chore, though it may perhaps not be as quick as when HTDS did it.
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Post by gavink »

Even though I have a Zgemma box a Toppy is still my preferred recording device, and this site has been invaluable over the years and I'm still a regular visitor. Many thanks to Nigel and HydeTheDarkSide for keeping the site going
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Post by simonc »

I'll chip in with another "thank you Nigel". It's been a pleasure being part of a civilised and amenable community, I also still check in to see how things are ticking over every week or so.
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Post by YorkshireJumbo »

And another thanks to everyone involved in this site from me too. As an enabler to turn a useful box into a stunning PVR, this site has been a godsend. Even though it's in its twilight years, there are still loads of helpful members around :D

The Toppy is still my main way of recording and watching TV, though I do use a (currently troublesome!) YouView box for watching HD recordings, which I mainly discover via the Toppy.

Long may it continue.
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Post by widget »

I too would like to add my thanks to ALL who have contributed to my "Toppy life" and obvisouly special thanks to Nigel for initiating the site in the first place.

My aged Toppy is still my primary recording tool. It has outlived a TalkTak Huawei box (donated BNIB by a friend) and a slightly used but newer Humax.

Occasionally I 'find' items from the BBC using get_iplayer or use the web to find episodes that I've not managed to record properly. I sometimes even resort to a USB TV stick on my pc.

In due course I will migrate to something else but for the time being long-live-my/the-Toppy :lol:
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