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Festive outage

Post by Bizman »

Don't know hat the forum did at Christmas, but it doesn't appear to have been very well since. Hope it's better for the New Year ! :D
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Post by gomezz »

Santa forgot to deliver some new knicker elastic? :D
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Post by nwhitfield »

I've been trying to work out what it is that keeps causing sporadic massive loading on the server, but it's very intermittent, so hard to pin down.

It can go for days at a time, and then suddenly something hammers the CPU and eats up all the memory. Unless I'm looking at the system load when it hits somewhere around the 20 mark (normal load is often well below 1.00), it can be too far gone to allow me access to the command line to do anything other than restart, at which point, of course, it's no longer possible to see where the problem traffic is coming from and what it's doing.

One day earlier this week, the load average was over 230. I've blocked various robots on sites, updated other bits of software, and put in bandwidth limitations too. I hope that will have fixed it, but I can't be 100% sure of course.
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