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Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 12:14 am Reply with quote
Site Admin Joined: 20 Mar 2005 Posts: 9577
The more dedicated reader will have noticed a couple of locked threads lately, and some words from me about politeness, manners and the sort of discourse that is welcome on this forum.

We have never operated a policy of censorship here - but that does not mean that this is a free-for-all; ultimately, it's my forum, my rules.

Be polite to other posters; do not post pointless rants. Do not make intemperate claims about what is, or isn't necessary for a, b or c to do - whether they be Topfield, Turbosat, me, or anyone else.

We have good relations here with the UK importers for Topfield; I speak with them a couple of times a week, and your concerns get passed on. They read the forums themselves, and find the information useful and constructive.

And when there is information to give, we get it as soon as possible, and we give it out in public as soon as we're able to. We don't give target dates for updates, until we're sure they're going to be met - as regular readers of this forum will know.

And, I'm amazed, and pleased, that over the last two years this forum has largely been a helpful, supportive, and informative place for Toppy users, or potential users, whatever their level of expertises.

It's therefore somewhat dismaying that some people seem to be more interested in starting arguments, winding up other members, and playing silly semantic games, than in actually helping the forums continue to flourish in the way that they have done; I feel very annoyed that it's been necessary to intervene in a few threads lately, because they've turned into little more than sparring matches between forum members.

People are free to disagree on many things; they can criticise whomever they like, and ask for features to be added, or bugs to fix. But this is not a place to do so in intemperate language, or to bait other forum members, or try to encourage them - or me - to become involved in childish squabbles.

From one point of view, it pains me to have to write this at all; from another, it's remarkable that we've grown to the size that we have without it having to be said sooner.

Many people work to keep this site ticking over; not just myself. But I think I can speak for all when I say that we want to keep this site friendly, free from flame wars and petty bitching, and above all a useful and constructive resource for all members of the Toppy community.

I'd like all members to keep that in mind - both when they post, and when they consider whether or not they should respond to posts by others.


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