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Posted: Sun May 21, 2006 2:29 am Reply with quote
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Hi all,

I lost a recording this evening, in what seems to be a clear bug. I'm running a TF5800, 5.12.25 firmware, and no TAPs are loaded. Reception on all channels involved was pretty much 100% and 100% at the time.

Earlier this afternoon, I set the PVR to record NCIS on Five using the EPG, and modified it to add a little padding (starting 3 minutes early). Another recording (Dr Who Confidential on BBC3) would just be finishing then (I'd added a little padding to the end of that as well), and would overlap the first minute or two.

At the time the recording on Five started, we were watching BBC1 on live TV. A message popped up warning that we only had 10 minutes of recording left. Sure enough, I went to the list of recorded programmes and there were only a few hundred MB left, so I deleted a few existing programmes (nothing related to the recordings this evening) to free up some space.

I then checked that the recording was still running: I pressed i and checked the times in upper-right corner were still as intended, which they were, and the display on the front of the box said "rECo" as expected. (This remained for at least roughly the correct length of time.) By this point I think the recording on BBC3 had finished; I don't know exactly what I was doing the moment it stopped, but it could well have been during the time I was deleting old files if that's relevant. We (well, my other half, anyway Embarassed) had gone back to watching Eurovision live on BBC1.

I've just come to watch NCIS, and it's only saved a 5MB file, which appears to play as a couple of seconds of blank screen. All other recordings from this evening, including "Dr Who Confidential" that was finishing around the time the warning message appeared, were fine. I've checked using Altair, and the file really is only 5MB or so; this isn't a display glitch. However, the recording info thinks it recorded the full 1h10 it was asked to. Sad

Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Although it's the first time I've seen it myself, my other half previously reported losing a recording after seeing a message warning that there was little space available as a recording started and then clearing out some old files, which could have been the same problem. There don't seem to be any outstanding bug reports relating to this, though it sounds somewhat similar to some of the old 0MB recording issues from a few months ago...

Thanks for any insights,
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Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 12:12 am Reply with quote
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I think this is another occurance of the "low space" bug.

Please refer to this thread:

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