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Posted: Sat May 07, 2005 1:07 pm Reply with quote
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Until now, software library entries have been marked with a thumbs up symbol above the letters 'uk' to indicate if a TAP or other software is compatible with the UK model.

This compatibility problem largely vanishes with the new firmware, so some small tweaks have been made to the software library section of the site.

First, TAPs that are compatible with the original UK firmware (version 5.11.52) are now marked with a slightly different icon, shown above. If you don't upgrade to the new firmware, these are the only TAPs you'll be able to run.

This icon is now being applied to TAPs that we have tested with the new firmware, and work without any problems. Most TAPs will work fine on the new firmware, but because the bookmark facility is slightly different in the UK, and our remote doesn't have all the same keys, we'll use this symbol on TAPs that we know work without any snags for the UK.

On the main TAPs page,, you can choose UK tested TAPs, which shows you TAPs compatible with the newer firmware, or Compatible with original firmware, which shows you those that were previously marked as UK compatible.

If you try an TAP with the new firmware and discover that it works, please let one of the moderators know, so that the database can be updated.


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