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Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 10:43 am Reply with quote
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I've just spoken again with the Technical guy at Turbosat, to whom I sent a list of additional things to check a few days ago - chiefly issues around 0Mb recordings, subtitle problems, and the recordings that appear black, but can be played back with a little fiddling.

Work is in progress on the previously notified issues, but I can't yet give you any timescale, other than to say that Turbosat are keen to see something happen sooner rather than later, even if the first update is a minor one, and a larger one follows.

There is some news though, which I regard as a pretty positive sign of Topfield's committment to the product. Since the launch, Turbosat has been sending over DVDs of files with particular issues. To ensure the engineers get more experience of problems, Topfield has now despatched two of them to the UK, so that they can have hands-on experience with live broadcasts, which will obviously ensure much better feedback to the rest of the team in Korea.

The Topfield guys will be here for two weeks, which should give them plenty of experience.

I've told Turbosat that I will produce a detailed tracking list that they can work with, which will distill the sometimes lengthy threads here into something a little more manageable.

The other thing that I said I'd do is ask for DVDs with problem .rec files, particularly for some of the issues that we've had raised since the original feedback.

I will need DVDs with unaltered .rec files exhibiting the following issues:

1. Zero size files that have been created as a result of recording

2. Full size files that can be played on a PC but not on the Toppy, unless you use the workaround described in the Bugs forum

3. Files where the Toppy has difficulties with subtitles - both where the subtitles do not appear to work at all (but preferably where you have verified on other equipment that subtitles are being transmitted and can be decoded), and where subtitles are built up in a way that overwrites words already on screen.

PLEASE don't just burn DVDs right away.

Before you get stuck in, send me an email or a private message on the forum, letting me know what files you have, and what problems they illustrate.

DVDs will need to be ordinary DATA DVDs, without the .rec files converted in any way.

They should include a text (.txt) file for each .rec file, stating the name of the program, when it was recorded, which transmitter you receive your broadcast from, and what problem the file illustrates. If there were any particular relevant things you did - such as using PiP while recording, or using USB, please make sure you include that information.

BUT, as I said, don't just start burning DVDs yet. Contact me first, and I will let you know what we need, so that Topfield has a representative sample, without being swamped.

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