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Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:33 pm Reply with quote
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Though I mainly use my Toppy for recording, I use my youview box to record some stuff in HD. But it has started failing to record and failing start up when you use the remote or the front panel. If I turn it off and wait a few minutes, it (usually) starts up fine, and it will (usually) continue to work as long as I remember to turn it on every morning. I understand that you can't get the recordings off the box, so I guess I'll let it soldier on and not record anything new to it and try to empty the disk.

Although the interface is pretty poor, I've got used to it, so I was wondering about getting a newer, secondhand, more powerful model rather than the pain of learning a new PVR such as Enigma. I'm quite computer literate, so I hope I wouldn't have a problem if I did decide to switch.


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