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Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:50 pm Reply with quote
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Thanks to all who have posted info on capacitor replacement with pictures of the PSU layout. As a result one restored TF5800 back in service.

Following intermittent faults over the last months, my 2008 TF5800 finally stopped feeding video to SCART two weeks ago. A check of the power rails showed 4.66V instead of 5V and all higher rails considerably higher [14.5 for 12V, 35.8V for 30V etc].

As recommended, I replaced all 18 caps. All supply rails are now normal.

The Toppy still surprised me by stalling a couple of times. I then checked U20 but 1.5V was fine. A Factory Reset and rescan seems to have cured the stalling problem, fingers crossed, so hopefully the high V's have not damaged any chips.

A check of all old caps on an ESR meter shows two completely failed (>40 ohm ESR and no capacity able to be measured) and four with >30% down on capacity. All 18 have ESRs 5 to 10 times higher than the new ones replacing them.

Again thanks to all for the clear descriptions and excellent content at this site.

I'm looking forward to another nine years++ of reliable operation if SD Freewiew and I can last that long Smile.

Jim Evans

History - PSU date code May 2007. Only one cap changed before the present problem. SWare was changed to 5.14.09+ in Dec 2009 and a 500GB IDE hard disk in May 2012. otherwise no TAPs, no extras.
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