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Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 1:42 pm Reply with quote
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Just joined, but I have popped in to forum from time to time and always thought how helpful the contributors were!

I got a 5810 from Turbosat when they were going end-of-line and used it for several years. To my shame, I did not install MyStuff and just kept with the 'vanilla' functionality. Perhaps it was because it was so (relatively) reliable and I was just enjoying the 'no hassle' usage. It replaced a Pace Twin which had been good towards the end after a decent firmware was produced (great GUI) but was distinctly under-powered compared with the Toppy.

Although my 5810 had been reliable, the remote started to play up and a couple of keys were u/s. I bought a 3rd party replacement which got the functionality back for a while at least. Then there were instances where the HDD was not detected on boot, sometimes coming on after a couple of boots (start-ups, not kickings!). I eventually unplugged the Toppy and used a supermarket branded recorder for a little while then got by with a Technika Freeview tuner box. More recently I have used a Bush refurb, which is still working and does have HD. I should add that my 'main' telly is a Philips CRT of 2001 vintage, so no HD or HDMI. I really should swap this out for a second hand Panasonic G20 I acquired, but the Philips just teases me around once a year with a failure but keeps coming back to life without expense. Think I am worried about carrying it out of the house as I remember just how heavy it was when I carried it in myself!

Anyway, having not disposed of the Toppy, reading posts here indicates mine may well have suffered component failure, which can be fixed. I've not tried to access the HDD to see if previous recordings are OK or corrupt, but last time I recall a 'full' boot all recordings were visible. I am not up to doing the CAPs replacement myself so will contact Andy Fras to see if I can engage his services.

Assuming the 5810 then lives again, would I be daft not to put MyStuff on to get full functionality?

Sorry for the ramblings!

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Geoff Bacon
Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:29 pm Reply with quote
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Sounds like your capacitors (psu) need replacing and andyfras is your man.

If you are not sure what you are doing, you can send the whole toppy to him rather than just the psu; he can then check it out for you (obviously a bit more in postage).

You could also ask him to put MyStuff on for you but I would recommend that you do that yourself (that way you will know what to do should you need to do it again). You should perform a full install (option 1) accepting everything offered by the installer program! In the unlikely event that you don't get on with MS, you can just delete the MyStuff.tap from \ProgramFiles\Auto Start (that way you still get all the benefit of all the other bits that the installer sticks on the box)

I don't know if you've found my TopManager program yet (see link in my signature). One thing you might like it for is to install my fsSave tap (Tools| Install Files| fsSave) and set up a forum signature.

Note: If you are using a mac to interface to the toppy, I suggest you ask andyfras to install MyStuff for you (there is no automated installer for the mac)

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Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:54 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 02 Mar 2016 Posts: 3

Thanks for words of wisdom! I will arrange with Andy for repair then follow up with MyStuff thereafter. I'll keep you posted.

Using PCs at present!

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