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Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 5:03 pm Reply with quote
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MarkPax wrote:

Someone will be along in a minute to tell you about Channel Manager or whatever that sorts out the QVC tat for you. Never used it myself but I hear good things.

What version of MacTF do you use, on what OS X version? I ask because I am fiddling with the MacTF source code, Nathan Oates was kind enough to give it to me & add some stuff I wanted. I'm adding some new features, very slow work though, I am a programming idiot. MacTF is nice IMHO.

Also are you aware of the U and Uu firmware patches?

They speed up download & upload quite substantially (about 60% IIRC?). But you might need the new version of MacTF to handle them.

Hi, I have recently downloaded MacTF but cannot get it to connect to my Topfield, and I cannot find any documentation to help me. I have a 5800, a 5810 and a 7260. I am trying to run the MacTF from my Macbook. I would be grateful for any help.
regards Arrow57

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