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Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:48 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 24 Apr 2012 Posts: 6 Location: London
Just wanted to say thanks to all.

Andy fixed the PSU - I think his comment was along the lines of it being the worst PSU he'd yet seen, all capacitors needed replacement and some of them were completely dead and he was surprised it was even running.

So PSU seems the culprit.

Have the Toppy back in London, it all works, channel reception appears perfect without an attenuator hooked in for these muxes:

Mux 1: RF Ch 23
Mux 2: RF Ch 26
RF Ch 25
Mux C: RF Ch 22
Mux D: RF Ch 28

SignalMonitor fluctuates but the readings are often 100:100:100 for Signal & Quality on both tuners across the board, though:

Ch 23 & 26 Signal on both tuners drops to about 75 then climbs up again

Ch 25 & 22 are pretty much constantly at 100:100:100 for all readings

Ch 28 Quality Min on both tuners is often 0, but the Av is 90 or so.

Not really sure what all that means, is there any cause for concern?

Am really liking MyStuff and TAPs, can't believe I never bothered installing any previously.

TF5800, F/W: MS6 Recommended F/W 12/9/2009 -FmSy+Wf
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Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:41 pm Reply with quote
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Try using the 9dB attenuator to see if the figures improve.

Toppy PSU repair service or capacitor kits for DIY available - PM me for details.
MyStuff 6.6 : Little Clock : MHEGOnOff : Extend : EPG2MEI : SecCache : EIT_Sub : TSSaver : Prune EPG
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