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Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:54 pm Reply with quote
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It is with great sadness that we have moved from the excellent MyStuff on a 5800 to a Tivo box with Virgin Crying or Very sad.

My wife is a keen tennis player, and after a long struggle, finally yielded to getting pay TV to allow her to watch Sky and Euro sports channels.

We've had the boxes (we have two) for about a month now, and I thought it would be worth posting what I found about the box.

What I like:
a) Content - extra channels, sports and movies are great, but not cheap.
b) Catch up TV - fully integrated into the programme guide. Just go back in time, select a programme with the catch up symbol and press play.
c) On demand TV - a selection of TV programmes, some in HD, that you can access any time. Now includes Sky movies, which is great.
d) Being able to record in HD. Picture quality is excellent. Nice to be able to see that tennis ball!
e) Ability to browse by genre - excellent display of programmes, including on demand, with descriptions, ratings and publicity shots.
f) Three tuners
g) Iphone/Ipad app to allow you to set up remote recordings.

What I dislike:
a) The speed - its just so slow! The box has twin cores, and is only a year old, yet the UI on the Toppy is so much faster, especially after all the optimisation that BobD has performed on Mystuff.
b) No red button
c) User interface klunky - e.g. on demand can require 3 or 4 button presses to actually get the thing to play!
d) Programme guide not dynamic. Not sure who often it is updated, but certainly no more than once a day. No accurate recording information.
e) Poor optimisation of clashing programmes - if padding caused programmes to overlap, this is not trimmed, alternative programmes are only looked for with the lowest priority programme.

My daughter is so fed up with the speed, she prefers to watch alone using the Toppy!

What I will like - there is a software update planned over before Christmas:
a) Both cores will be active, halving menu display times apparently.
b) Red button.
c) Multi-room streaming - at some point it will become possible to use your home lan to stream recordings from one box to another, allowing you to view recordings elsewhere with no loss of quality.
d) Ipad/Iphone app to allow you to control the boxes from your home lan. Currently, the playing programme appears in the top right hand corner of the box. With this, you should be able to browse on the Ipad, set recordings and select channels, while still watching the existing programme full screen.

In summary, if anyone fancies the extra channels, I would recommend the Virgin Tivo - but if you don't need it, then the Toppy, with MyStuff, is still an excellent PVR.


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