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Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:22 pm Reply with quote
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This is great news for people like me who use MPEG Streamclip and iTunes a lot as for the past few years it's been very difficult, if not impossible, to use them both without a lot of phaffing around.

This morning I had Quicktime Alternative installed so that I could edit my Toppy .rec files using MPEG Streamclip, but iTunes wouldn't start up because it couldn't see a recent enough version of Quicktime.

After updating to iTunes 10.5 I'm now editing .rec files while playing music through iTunes.

If you currently have QTA installed and a non-working iTunes all you have to do is run "Apple Software Update", make sure you have NOT got Quicktime 7.7 ticked (it wasn't by default when I did it), and start the update to iTunes 10.5

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