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Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:31 pm Reply with quote
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MyStuff 6.0 and the Big Retune happened close enough to each other for problems with one to appear to be caused by the other, so here is a list of things that might stop MyStuff 6.0 from working the way it should. The MyStuff bugs should be fixed in 6.01, but in the meantime ...

Known bugs are listed on BobD's website. Most are minor and have easy workarounds - even though they may at first appear to be catastropic. The main ones are listed below, and described in more detail in the first post of the MyStuff 6.0: Hints, tips, and workarounds for known bugs thread.

Quick Checklist
For UK users and standard installations
  1. Make sure MyStuff option R1 is EPG.mei
  2. Delete nameless channels 27/33 (see below) and 1000; then reboot the Toppy straight away
  3. Did you Factory Reset before rescanning for the Big Retune on 30/9? If not, do it again, but this time Factory Reset FIRST
  4. Make sure you're running the recommended firmware (5.13.65T on 5800s or 5.15.09T on 5810s)
  5. Check the first post of MyStuff 6.0: Hints, tips, and workarounds for known bugs


More Detail

No EPG, or pressing Guide brings up native Guide
Explanation 1: The MyStuff installer changes the EPG collector from eit2mei to EPG2MEI. In common with all EPG collectors, it takes a little while (10-30 minutes or more, depending on your other TAPs*) to do its initial collection. Once the initial collection is done, everything will chug along nicely in the background.
Solution 1: Just leave the remote alone, and wait for a while!

Explanation 2: There is a bug in MyStuff 6.x that sometimes prevents it from spotting the change to the new system and automatically changing the appropriate setting for you. Note this has been fixed on 15/12/09 you should not see this issue if you install after that date
Solution 2: Change MyStuff option R1 to EPG.mei (see the first post of MyStuff 6.0: Hints, tips, and workarounds for known bugs for instructions if you don't know how).

Problems with channels
Missing logos, wrong order, no information, MyInfo reports duplicate channels, etc.
Explanation 1: This is usually a Big Retune issue. A couple of nameless channels got introduced, one on LCN 27 (in England and Wales) or LCN 33 (in Scotland and N Ireland), and one on LCN 1000.
Solution 1: Manually delete Channel 27 or 33 and 1000. See this post (ignore the rest of the thread) for more information on how to do this if you don't know how.

Explanation 2: (lots of duplicates and/or multiple channels in the 1000s). You must Factory Reset to delete old channels before scanning to find new ones.
Solution 2: Ensure you have the Recommended Firmware. Then Factory Reset, THEN scan for channels, THEN delete the nameless channels as above. If you still have lots of duplicates, consider using the FastScanGUI TAP to scan from only one transmitter and/or the Channel Organiser TAP to remove duplicates (and it can do much more) in a user-friendly way.

Out of Memory error / Crash (especially on 5810s)
Explanation: MyStuff holds the EPG in memory for speed reasons. The 5810 is especially tight for memory, but you may also see this in 5800s with other memory-hungry TAPs running.
Solution: Delete unwanted channels, and read the unwanted channels / memory section of the first post of MyStuff 6.0: Hints, tips, and workarounds for known bugs.

Can't use SeriesLink / No green + signs
Explanation: This needs the CRID that's broadcast to be collected by EPG2MEI
Solution: The Sl (SeriesLink) patch is needed. Use the MyStuff installer to install the MyStuff Recommended Firmware. (NB: The standard Toppy Recommended Firmware does NOT include the MyStuff-specific patches, including Sl.)

New features don't work the way I expect
Read the first post of MyStuff 6.0: Hints, tips, and workarounds for known bugs and the Manual, of course.

Other problems
Solution 1: Check MyStuff 6.0: Hints, tips, and workarounds for known bugs to see whether your particular problem is covered (the first post gets updated to add new information from time to time. You can probably safely ignore the rest of the thread).
Solution 2: Search the forums. LOTS of people have posted questions. Yours has probably already been answered a dozen times or more.
Solution 3: If you still can't find the answer to your question, use Altair (or whatever connection method you normally use) to copy the file /ProgramFiles/Logs/MyInfoLog.txt to your PC. Then open it up in Notepad (or whatever) and post its contents in the forum along with your question. The information in there will help us to see the setup of your Toppy and get you an answer faster. (It will also cut out the stage where we ask you for it!)


* See the first post of MyStuff 6.0: Hints, tips, and workarounds for known bugs for more detail on which TAPs make a difference.

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