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Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:19 pm Reply with quote
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jumbo wrote:
If you are capable and safe then there are a number of cheap and DIY PSU parts you can try replacing. These parts are the front-line components which (mostly) get zapped first. They are the closest to the parts used in the Toppy PSU in both looks and of course specification:
Get it all from Farnell with free P&P and first class service (as experienced by several forum members including I). Get at least 10 fuses (minimum order). If I were you I'd replace ALL three at the grand total cost of 3.75. This assumes that you have a soldering iron and solder. Be careful not to damage/overheat anything when soldering. Read the PSU threads for more info. If these parts don't bring the Toppy back to life then you might as well get a new PSU from Turbosat (approx 45).

Thanks for the links jumbo, this worked perfectly for me, the Bridge Rectifier was a bit tricky because it was slightly smaller than the original, but a quick twist of the outer pins solved the problem, a good tip with this component when removing the old one is to use scissors to cut the pins, then it is just a matter of de-soldering and removing the old pins.

I now have a working toppy again, and a lesson learnt, NEVER fiddle with the inside of the toppy with the power on, in my case a short between the heat sink thing and the outer case with the hd caddy .

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