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Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 3:25 pm Reply with quote
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I have a new TF5810PVRt which I am setting up, and have been browsing this (rather impressively comprehensive) site as well as the site for information on connecting it to a computer and developing TAPs. I am primarily a Unix person, but thought it prudent to try the manufacturers provided tools first, so I have obtained a Vista Home Premium PC and installed the Topfield Tools package from

At this point I was somewhat confused by the fact that the instructions on the topfield site at
claim Windows Vista compatability, and even show the popup for driver installation on Vista 32-bit, whereas the FAQ on this site says

Is the Toppy compatible with Windows Vista?

The official Topfield software is now compatible with Vista, but you need to
download the 32 bit Vista drivers separately. There are not yet any 64 bit drivers. >
There is also a third party tool called Wuppy, that allows you to transfer files to and >
from the PVR from the Windows Vista command line. You can find Wuppy and the >
Topfield Vista drivers in the ?Windows tools? section of our Downloads library.

This suggests to me that either the information in the FAQ is out of date (in which case I am hoping this is the right place to bring it to someones attention) or the instructions on the manufacturers site are rather deficient :

I downloaded the Vista drivers from this site, and a binary comparison indicates that the three files contained are identical to what is already installed with Topfield tools.

I am no Windows expert, but it looks suspiciously like it is the FAQ that needs correction.

Digby R.S. Tarvin
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