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Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:33 am Reply with quote
Site Admin Joined: 20 Mar 2005 Posts: 9579
A small change has been made to the registration for the forum; as you will see on the Profile page (click the link at the top of the screen) there is a warning against adding an ICQ number or a website during registration.

You can still add these afterwards, but in our experience ICQ numbers seem to be used pretty much exclusively by those wanting to spam the forums, so the presence of one in a new registration is grounds for immediate deletion of an account.

So too, now, is the presence of a URL. If you can't read the text on the profile page, you're not going to get to use this site to promote your own; most spam sign ups are automated, and won't even see the warning.

Note too that if you have a URL on your profile which the admins feel is not family friendly, it may be removed without warning or notice.

This is a simple change; before anyone complains, people with legitimate uses of ICQ or wholesome websites are not being barred from putting them in their site profiles - just from putting them there during the registration process.

It will, however, help make it a little simpler for the admins to weed out the spam signups, and help keep this forum free of junk postings and memberships.

One minor related policy change is that accounts that have not been activated after 90 days are considered eligible for deletion; you may see the forum user count drop as I conduct a purge in the near future.


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