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Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 10:04 pm Reply with quote
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I would like to try Mystuff. I have installed the latest version (3.14 Beta), I am running the latest firmware (5.12.25), but when starting it manually or from autostart I can't start it. For manual selection from Program Files I can hear it loading from the disk but then how do I start it? Pressing Guide brings up Jag's EPG, another press I get the Toppy vanilla EPG. Where is Mystuff? (I have created the CSV file from Jag's EPG too)
I have tried the documented trick of changing the order taps are loaded in auto start but still nothing.
What am I missing? There may be the answer in the 126 pages or so on the forum but doing a forum search brings no joy.
Other TAPs are Bookmark2UK, Matrix Screensaver v1.7, Powermanager v1.1, JAGs EPG v2.7 Beta7, Improbox v2.01 (I have tried it with and without Improbox loaded)
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Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 10:20 pm Reply with quote
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I can't interupt SWMBO viewing of Judge John Deed to give you the correct Jags option number, but there is an option that says something like first EPG key which will be set to Guide. Under that option is the second epg key and this needs setting to Guide*

Now if you get Jags on first press of the guide key, and Mystuff on the second, you've not got the load order of your TAPs set correctly and that process needs to be run again.

In MyStuff you need the option that says "Days to use MEI file" set to zero.

For help with MyStuff please use the MyStuff thread.

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